Qbittorent on OMV 5

Again without the use of docker…

First install qbittorent.

apt-get install qbittorrent-nox

Create a user.

adduser qbtuser

Create a systemd script in order to start/stop Qbittorent. This example uses port TCP/9090 to access Qbittorent web interface.

nano /etc/systemd/system/qbittorrent-nox.service

Description=qBittorrent Daemon Service
After=network-online.target nss-lookup.target

ExecStart=/usr/bin/qbittorrent-nox -d --webui-port=9090


Reload the systemd daemon for the changes to take affect.

systemctl daemon-reload

Enable and start the service

systemctl enable qbittorrent-nox.service
systemctl start qbittorrent-nox.service

Change user to nologin

usermod -s /usr/sbin/nologin qbtuser

Access Qbittorent at port TCP/9090 with the following credentials :

Username: admin
Password: adminadmin

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6 thoughts on “Qbittorent on OMV 5

  1. Aleho

    Following your instruction unable to login WebGUI.
    Invalid password or user name.
    Something wrong somewhere.

      1. Aleho

        Unable to login Qbittorent web interface.
        I was trying to follow your instruction on OMV4 and OMV5, the same result:
        “Invalid password or user name.”

        1. wizzy Post author

          As far as I can remember, you use the default user/pass that it is provider by qbittorent in order to access the webgui. Then you change the password. Let me install it again just to remember the whole procedure and I let you know

          1. wizzy Post author

            Try the following :

            Username: admin
            Password: adminadmin

          2. Aleho

            “Username: admin
            Password: adminadmin”
            works at new Qbittorent installation on OMV4.
            Thanks a lot.

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